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网页I am crushing on you, I hope you like me too. 20) First you caught my eye, then you left me breathless and now you have stolen my heart. So basically I am blind, suffocating and heartless unless you become mine. I like you. 21) I hope you like me, I hope you are crushing on me and I hope you want to go on a date with me.网页Best crush quotes "A guy and a can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other … maybe temporarily,... "All I really want is to hold you tight, …

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网页Sweet quotes for her to make both of your world wonderful. No matter what has happened…what you've done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I …网页Dear Crush, I know I don't stand a chance, but I'm going to like you anyway. You get crushes on people. You have to see them every day that week. They're a fantastic person, and it could be a man or a woman. – Jennifer Saunders My heart stops when you look at me. Teenage crush is like flu. If you find a remedy for it, it lasts for a couple of days.

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网页"This isn't a crush, it's obsession.You are never not in my thoughts. Your scent carries across a room and paralyzes me with longing. I don't want to hold your hand. Part of me …网页I am too shy to express what I feel for you, so I shall rather say a good "Hello" every time we cross paths and be content with it. Ummm! I'm too shy to make the first move. Could you text me a "Hi"? Okay, now I made that too obvious. Let it sink. And then, when our eyes meet, I can't help but smile and blush! Sad Crush Quotes Uh oh!

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网页Crush Quotes "That feeling in your stomach when you see your crush." "Loving you is like breathing How can I stop?" "Your eyes make me shy." "Sometimes I just can't ignore the way I feel when I see you smile." "I like her because she smiles at me and means it." "Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs."网页"The mark of a true crush is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward." – Shana Alexander 28. "Love is like a friendship caught on fire." – Bruce Lee 29. "I do not think of you as just a friend. But, I think of you as something more than that." – Unknown 30. "It's safe to say that I am already getting hooked by you." – Unknown

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网页# "When you succumb to somebody for who she really is, everything about her ends up being stunning." # "Adorable Secret Crush Messages to send out to your love" # "I constantly believe in you when I bake cookies. Cookies smell good and fresh, and it makes me delighted simply like you."网页Love Quotes for Her Love quotes for her, Inspirational. Crush is the most beautiful feeling that one has for him/her. 100 cute crush quotes for him & her for love at first sight. 50 crush quotes straight from the heart your eyes make me shy. Source:

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网页Sweet Crush Quotes That'll Make Your Heart Smile. 1. "I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality and your looks are just a big bonus." 2. "When I see you, I admit I start to lose my grip and all of my cool." 3. "If you were a movie, I'd watch you over and over again. I could watch you every day of my life and never ...网页Best Crush Quotes 1. "Crushing on someone secretly is frustrating and inspiring at the same time." – Anonymous 2. "Telling your crush they like you is the best thing you could ever do for yourself, but that will make your emotions known." – Anonymous 3. "Why do they call it a crush?

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网页"I don't get why we call it a crush when it feels more like a curse." ― Julie Murphy, Dumplin' "If you don't stop staring at a you cannot have, you will never see …网页I don't know if it's love or not, but I take long breaths every time I look at her. It was the way you laughed, I knew I wanted that in my life. Next to you is a perfect place to be. To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. For once in my life, I don't have to try to be happy. When I'm with you, it just happens.

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网页Looking for Crush Quotes? Having a crush on someone is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. You see your crush and smile for no reason like an idiot. You are …网页111 Crush Quotes for Her I love you so much that my heart slips a beat when you call my name. I love staring at you when you are not looking. I like her because she smiles at me and means it. – Terri Guillemets Sometimes I just can't ignore the way I feel when I …

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网页Love Quotes For Crush Couples Quotes Love My daughter's beautiful face.. so natural it radiates her soul. Cheeks as a first kiss blush. Lips a shade Cover only wished they …网页Crush Quotes for her "Creating the impossible is easier, but talking to my crush is harder." ~ Newart "Everyone can have a crush on anyone, be it on a real person or a celebrity." ~ Ram Gopal Varma "Isn't it funny how just one little phone call or text can make your bad day suddenly wonderful!" ~ Nishan Panwar "Teenage crush is like flu.

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网页Quotes on Crush 1.) "Do you know you are the most beautiful in the world?" 2.) "I wanna see your face, want to hug you, make you laugh with my jokes, hang out with you, but most of all I just want you in every condition." 3.) "I will love you. I can't live without you. You don't have to love me back, but I will love you still."网页1 Fall for someone you find beautiful. 2 Go get her! 3 When you have a crush, it all seems like a dream. 4 All I do, is thinking of you. 5 Most of the times, your feelings are crushed. …

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网页1 Fall for someone you find beautiful. 2 Go get her! 3 When you have a crush, it all seems like a dream. 4 All I do, is thinking of you. 5 Most of the times, your feelings are crushed. 6 You were the of my dreams. 7 This strange fear stops me from opening my heart in front of you. 8 A chance is all I need. 9 Just love the way you smile at me.网页"It's nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you're alive, you know?" – Scarlett Johansson "Some crushes just never went away. They built, instead, into something permanent, obsessive and all-consuming." – Maya Banks "If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life." – Oscar Wilde "Love is like a friendship caught on fire."